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    2K AcrylicPaint
    Acrylic resin based, acrylic isocyanate curing,
    U.V. It is a two-component paint with high resistance and non-yellowing.
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    Road Marking Paints
    Good Ideas
    Good Solutions
    Good Results
    It is a high performance matte paint with high adhesion power, quick drying,
    friction resistant and no color change.
Çelebioğlu Kimya Boya



ÇelebioğluKimya Boya

Çelebioğlu Kimya, which started its operations in 1989, has been walking towards great goals in the paint sector by combining its experience and knowledge gained step by step with an innovative, dynamic and professional business approach since the day it was founded.

The factory, which started with industrial paints under the brand name of Çelebioğlu, expanded its product portfolio in a short time by offering the construction group, acrylic paints for auto repair, epoxy paints for floor and floor, marine paints, road marking paints and finally putty.



Çelebioğlu has been working on chemistry and paint since 1989. has experience since.

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We enable you to create living spaces that suit your taste with wall paint types!

We are a dedicated team.

We are at your service with years of experience and knowledge.


We add value to your life with different color tones.

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As ÇELEBİOĞLU Boya Kimya, we have updated our web page in order to offer products from the paint and construction sector...